Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sound Technician Preps for Gig of a Lifetime in D.C.

Sound Technician From Missoula Preps for Gig of a Lifetime in D.C.
Ben Blocker would like to have a word with whoever decided to put Barack Obama's inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial and the inauguration itself at the U.S. Capitol. “The concert was from the memorial, so all the speakers pointed away from the memorial,” Blocker said Monday from Washington, D.C. “The inauguration is coming from the Capitol steps, so we had to turn all our speakers to face the other direction.” That's two lines of 14 speaker towers, spaced across three miles of the Capital Mall. But that's all in a week's - or a day's - work for Blocker and his colleagues with Clair Global, the company in charge of sound at Obama's presidential swearing-in. Read more

Obama Inagural is Dream Job for Baltimore Sound Company
Something didn't sound quite right, and to Bob Goldstein that qualified as a disaster. Goldstein, 59, had been stepping over wires and plotting out loudspeaker delays for two weeks, from the Capitol to the Potomac River two miles away. Big jobs are nothing new to Goldstein, owner of Baltimore-based Maryland Sound. But this one - the inauguration of Barack Obama - could be the largest gathering of humans ever amplified. Read more

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