Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inclinometer for JBL Line Array

Cool Shows Pics from - Alford Media Line Array Solutions -
These are photos from an arena show using there new system
along with shots of there custom gear. More pictures will be
online as they use the system in unique and interesting environments.

(photo on left and right) Alford Audio Engineers, Project Managers
and Freelancers participate in a JBL VerTec certification course
here in our Dallas office run by Raul Gonzalez of JBL.

(Photo on left) The line array "caterpillar" is easily lifted into place
after assembly and angle adjustment using chain motors.
(photo on
right) The rigging is safe, simple and efficient. Note the digital
(red cable attached) in the center of the array bar.

(photo on left) Proper angle adjustment is literally a snap using
settings derived from the calculator software. Locking pins hold each
side of the speaker in the proper position. (photo on right)
boards snap on to the "face" of each speaker element for safe and
easy transportation. The boards are easily removed as the system
is raised into position.

(photo on left) Audio Engineers Thad Edwards, Randy Robert and
Kevin Betts prepare to raise a finished array column during training.
(photo on right)
The JBL VerTec VT4889 System in an arena application.

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