Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Line Array Set up and Stage Prep by MSI Japan! is a very good example of VDOSC line array set up and installation, the system is well planned, using various sound reinforcement aids to angle the line arrays for perfect sound within the venue...

V-DOSC Set up
Excellent mechanical design allows a V-DOSC system to be quickly set up and dismantled. Completely configured while on the ground, an operator with two assistants can assemble an array, fly it, and be ready for operation within 20 minutes.
Photo 1 MSI Japan CV engineer checking if any changes of the plan that needs to be made.
Photo 3 Double checking on safety.
Photo 4 Setting up V-Dosc on the truss.
Photo 5/6 Putting V-Dosc speakers together step by step.

Photo 6 V-Dosc engineer checking on the angles of the speakers.
Photo 7 Checking angles of the speakers from the audience sightlines.

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Chili said...

great example of line array hanging