Thursday, April 10, 2008

Optimizing Speaker Performance

Optimizing Speaker Performance in Your Studio

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The focus of the webinar will be how to set up a speaker system and listening position in any given room in order to optimize the system performance. The PowerPoint presentation will contain slides demonstrating the frequency and phase response of speakers placed properly and improperly in a room. It will contain instruction as to how to set up and position a subwoofer properly and how to integrate that subwoofer with the main speaker system for stereo systems as well as 5.1 systems. Subwoofer calibration standards will also be discussed.

There will be instruction as to what types of acoustic treatments to put into a room and how to determine where those treatments will best serve the listener. Slide examples will be shown exhibiting proper and improper use of acoustic treatments. Basic concepts of room design will be covered.

There will be a discussion of equalization techniques and what type of equalizer should be used in the studio. There may be some discussion about self tuning equalization systems. Proper measurement tools in order to do equalization will also be discussed

All of the above topics will include discussions on how to avoid making common mistakes. The PowerPoint slides will consist primarily of frequency response charts with a few talking points in between. There will be no video. The presentation time will be between 40 minutes and one hour.

Register now for this informative live webinar

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