Monday, September 08, 2008

Martin Audio To Establish Dedicated Asian Office

Martin Audio is pleased to announce that Patrick Lau has joined the company with responsibility for setting up a dedicated Asian office based in Hong Kong.

Patrick previously worked for DCH, the Martin Audio distributor for Hong Kong and China, and has been instrumental in spearheading the huge growth in sales, and generally expanding the company’s profile in the territory.

Said joint managing director, David Bissett-Powell, “Martin Audio felt the timing was absolutely right to reinforce our commitment to the Asian market by providing easy access to local support.

“Having worked with the product for several years, and being located in Hong Kong, Patrick was the ideal candidate to serve the region in a timely and efficient manner.”


Friday, September 05, 2008

Bringing Sound Science to Every Corner of the World

Meyer Sound’s Education Program: Bringing Sound Science to Every Corner of the World

BERKLEY, CA--Since the first “SIM School” held in 1984, Meyer Sound has continually expanded its education program into an effort that now stages an ongoing series of science-based professional seminars on six continents. In 2007 alone, Meyer Sound conducted a total of 79 seminars worldwide, and in 2008, that number is expected to increase to more than 126 seminars in 29 countries. The award-winning company even went so far as to build a 57-seat theatre at its headquarters for hosting seminars.

The long-standing initiative stems from the company’s notion that its purpose was not simply to manufacture the highest quality loudspeakers and audio products, but also to educate audio professionals in the principles that guide their best use.

As the reach and scale of Meyer Sound’s seminars has grown, so has its scope. Today, the course offerings cover line array technology, the use of acoustical prediction, sound system design, mixing, programming of the powerful Matrix3 audio show control system, and, of course, source independent measurement.

Far from cursory overviews or thinly veiled sales presentations, the seminars, which vary in length from a single day to a solid week, are comprehensive, in-depth examinations that deliver understandable explanations of theory, then show how it is put to practical use in the field.

The program’s strong expansion in the last five years has spurred corresponding growth in Meyer Sound’s team of educators and an increase in “on-the-ground” tactics to ensure the seminars are accessible to customers and audio professionals all over the world.

In the U.S., David “Mac” Johnson joined the company’s education staff at the firm’s Berkeley, CA headquarters, while Steve Cochran anchors the program in the Eastern U.S., operating out of the company’s Nashville, TN offices.

The already burgeoning European arm of the Meyer Sound seminar series also received additional focus recently, with educational programs manager Gavin Canaan relocating to Europe in 2007 to gain more immediate access to the region, and the creation of a dedicated training space at Meyer Sound Germany’s new offices in Montabaur.

A look at the calendar of upcoming events shows a constant flurry of international activity; it’s a lot of people doing a lot of teaching in a whole lot of places. But Meyer Sound’s commitment to education is not limited to seminars: the company supports trade groups like USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology), and Broadway Sound Master Classes, as well as funding the John and Helen Meyer Scholarship program in Spain.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inclinometer for JBL Line Array

Cool Shows Pics from - Alford Media Line Array Solutions -
These are photos from an arena show using there new system
along with shots of there custom gear. More pictures will be
online as they use the system in unique and interesting environments.

(photo on left and right) Alford Audio Engineers, Project Managers
and Freelancers participate in a JBL VerTec certification course
here in our Dallas office run by Raul Gonzalez of JBL.

(Photo on left) The line array "caterpillar" is easily lifted into place
after assembly and angle adjustment using chain motors.
(photo on
right) The rigging is safe, simple and efficient. Note the digital
(red cable attached) in the center of the array bar.

(photo on left) Proper angle adjustment is literally a snap using
settings derived from the calculator software. Locking pins hold each
side of the speaker in the proper position. (photo on right)
boards snap on to the "face" of each speaker element for safe and
easy transportation. The boards are easily removed as the system
is raised into position.

(photo on left) Audio Engineers Thad Edwards, Randy Robert and
Kevin Betts prepare to raise a finished array column during training.
(photo on right)
The JBL VerTec VT4889 System in an arena application.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rieker RDI Series

Available as a display or remote sensor package, Rieker's RDI Series digital inclinometers improve the vehicle operator's ability to detect dangerous roll-over situations before equipment damage or injury can occur. (These can also be used for line array remote alignment!)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Line Array Set up and Stage Prep by MSI Japan! is a very good example of VDOSC line array set up and installation, the system is well planned, using various sound reinforcement aids to angle the line arrays for perfect sound within the venue...

V-DOSC Set up
Excellent mechanical design allows a V-DOSC system to be quickly set up and dismantled. Completely configured while on the ground, an operator with two assistants can assemble an array, fly it, and be ready for operation within 20 minutes.
Photo 1 MSI Japan CV engineer checking if any changes of the plan that needs to be made.
Photo 3 Double checking on safety.
Photo 4 Setting up V-Dosc on the truss.
Photo 5/6 Putting V-Dosc speakers together step by step.

Photo 6 V-Dosc engineer checking on the angles of the speakers.
Photo 7 Checking angles of the speakers from the audience sightlines.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Optimizing Speaker Performance

Optimizing Speaker Performance in Your Studio

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The focus of the webinar will be how to set up a speaker system and listening position in any given room in order to optimize the system performance. The PowerPoint presentation will contain slides demonstrating the frequency and phase response of speakers placed properly and improperly in a room. It will contain instruction as to how to set up and position a subwoofer properly and how to integrate that subwoofer with the main speaker system for stereo systems as well as 5.1 systems. Subwoofer calibration standards will also be discussed.

There will be instruction as to what types of acoustic treatments to put into a room and how to determine where those treatments will best serve the listener. Slide examples will be shown exhibiting proper and improper use of acoustic treatments. Basic concepts of room design will be covered.

There will be a discussion of equalization techniques and what type of equalizer should be used in the studio. There may be some discussion about self tuning equalization systems. Proper measurement tools in order to do equalization will also be discussed

All of the above topics will include discussions on how to avoid making common mistakes. The PowerPoint slides will consist primarily of frequency response charts with a few talking points in between. There will be no video. The presentation time will be between 40 minutes and one hour.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mastering AV Testing Equipment

Mastering AV Testing Equipment
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 -- 2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

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In the standards-challenged world of Pro AV the importance of testing is often poorly understood and underused. Bennett Liles will upgrade everyone's skillset on test instruments used in maintaining a large networked deployment of digital projectors in the heavy-use academic environment. See how test pattern generators, audio test signals and network analyzers can avoid nasty opening day surprises and continuing trouble calls while insuring quality installation and integration and optimizing the performance of installed products.

Who should attend:

  • Entry level and veteran integrators and installers
  • Consultants
  • Academic institution AV Technicians
  • End users who need to understand why testing is an important part of the installation workflow

This online educational session, hosted by Sound & Video Contractor is completely free!

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