Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CTS Audio Deploys Massive New JBL Vertec Compact VT4887A Line Array System for "Women of Faith" Tour

Marking one of the world's first deployments of JBL Professional's new VerTecVT4887A compact line array loudspeakers, CTS Audio of Nashville is providing the live sound reinforcement system for the current Women of Faith - Amazing Freedom 2007 tour.

During its 10-year existence, the Women of Faith tour has drawn more than 2.5 million attendees, featuring numerous guest speakers from around the world. Each year, more than 20 cities throughout the United States and Canada host this event, which draws sell-out crowds in arenas including the American Airlines Center in Dallas, the United Center in Chicago and the Honda Center in Anaheim. This year's tour kicked off March 15 at the Alamodome in San Antonio and continues until December 1.

CTS Audio has been handling this project for the past eight years. For 2007, CTS wanted to provide a new sound reinforcement solution to upgrade the audio and ensure that each attendee hears every subtle nuance of these in-the-round presentations. This new speaker system comprises eight line arrays containing a total of 120 VerTec VT4887A compact line array elements along with 32 VT4881ADP-AN powered arrayable subwoofers, equipped with JBL DrivePack technology. "We typically deploy eight hangs in four quadrants in the center of the room, with an upper truss and lower truss and video screens situated between the trusses," explained Ed Crippen, senior consultant, CTS Audio. "We have three one-ton motors that support the entire PA system fly grid including the amp racks and we are deploying the subwoofers in a unique forward-steered array."

The VerTec VT4887A full range high directivity line array element provides audio professionals with a broad, flexible range of sound reinforcement solutions. The VT4887A has extended low frequency response to 55 Hz through use of JBL's new 2268J-1 8" woofer. A unique new integrated port/handle assembly aids in low frequency extension. The model also incorporates a newly-optimized mid/high frequency network and a new high frequency element, JBL's 2408H. Frequency range is 55 Hz-22 kHz.

In employing the new VT4887A line array system, CTS Audio has found a reliable solution for the Women of Faith program, which relies largely on spoken word with occasional live music performances. "The JBL system is extremely easy to tune and we have only had to tweak the EQ slightly here and there, depending upon how reverberant the arena is," Crippen added. "With previous systems we were doing much more drastic equalization on every speaker zone."

Additionally, four half-ton motors attach under the main PA fly grid to provide adjustable tilts for the main line array hangs. "The challenge is providing enough horizontal and vertical coverage for the entire seating area while working around the four, large video screens. Some audience members are literally seated behind the tilted arrays," Crippen added. "To solve this, we place JBL's small new VRX928 portable line array modules into the lower lighting truss. These are positioned slightly behind the main PA quadrants and provide front fill for the closer seats. They keep up with the rest of the system and provide great vocal articulation."

"The recent purchase of this large VERTEC VT4887A line array system gives CTS Audio added flexibility for challenging live sound applications such as Women of Faith," said David Scheirman, vice president, Tour Sound, JBL Professional. "This is one of the largest touring systems anywhere that's based upon compact line array elements, and we are pleased that Carl Taylor and his team at CTS Audio have turned to loudspeaker system products from JBL for this prestigious North American tour."


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