Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Too Powerful to Demonstrate

Danley Sound Labs, arguably the sound reinforcement industry's most innovative designer, will demonstrate their entire line of full-range loudspeakers and subwoofers to potential customers and curious loudspeaker enthusiasts at the NSCA Expo 2007 in Orlando, Florida in March.

Danley's behemoth 40-driver, 40-kilowatt self-powered, 8'x 8'x 20' Matterhorn subwoofer, which drops two full octaves lower than any subwoofer on the market and thumps listeners with output capability of 105dB at 250 meters will be on display inside the convention center for the duration of the Expo. Due to structural concerns within the center, the Matterhorn's full power cannot be demonstrated. Two of the new Danley full range SH-25s were to be used with the Matterhorn. This combination conservatively has 30dB more broadband dynamic range available than the compact disc!

The new Danley SH-25 full-range loudspeakers, which represent the industry's first speaker that is simultaneously arrayable in both the horizontal and vertical planes will be demo'd along with the new TH-50 subwoofer at NSCA. The TH-50 subwoofer provides essentially flat response to 20Hz with a sensitivity of 95dB 1w/1m and power handling of 1,500 watts. In yet another Danley first, this truly compact subwoofer is the only subwoofer on the market that provides concert level output down to 20Hz in a single enclosure.

Danley Sound Labs will be have continuous demonstrations of their sub 30Hz performance subwoofers, including TH-112, TH-215, and the DTS 20, as well as their full-range counterparts, in demonstration room W307A.

Danley Sound Labs is the only loudspeaker manufacturer to use patent-pending synergy-horn and tapped-horn technologies, which ingeniously apply acoustical principles to circumvent compromises that the rest of the industry had long-ago decided were unavoidable. As a result, Danley designs deliver flat frequency responses, extended low-end from extremely compact enclosures, and tight, seamlessly arrayable pattern control which are unrivaled in the industry, even at breathtaking SPLs. On paper, Danley's products boast specifications, all conservatively measured, that make conventionally-designed speakers look like someone's middle school science fair project. In person, Danley's products sound uniquely transparent and rich, with well-defined dispersal patterns that have almost tangible edges.

"We're excited to share our product line with everyone at NSCA," commented Tom Danley, director of engineering at Danley Sound Labs. "You can look at technical specifications until the cows come home, but in our business, hearing is believing. Our ongoing NSCA demonstrations will provide an opportunity for people to judge for themselves the benefits of our patent-pending technologies."

Tom Danley is one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry today and is recognized worldwide as a pioneer for "outside the box" thinking in professional audio technology. His legendary designs have been utilized in projects ranging from ground zero bombing simulation, jet engine active noise cancellation, and sonic boom generators to critical listening mastering studios, high-end home theatre, and houses of worship around the world.

Danley Sound Labs www.danleysoundlabs.com

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