Thursday, August 25, 2005

Forum for Sound Engineers

We have decided to start this BLOG as a source of information and feedback for sound engineers involved with line arrays. Rieker Electronics Inc. manufactures the RAD2 Remote Angle Display digital inclinometers, designed for speaker and speaker line array positioning. The RAD2 system allows the sound engineer - during installation of line arrays - to maximize the position of the array to provide the best sound for a given space.

Our customers in sound system installation or audio/video contracting typically have a number of speakers or line arrays that they need to level. In the past this was done by visually sighting the display, testing the sound, repositioning the array, testing the sound...until the engineer was satisfied how the music sounded in the particular venue.

Sound system manufacturers have been producing better and more precise sound quality speakers over the past few years. And in order to provide (or take advantage of) the sound quality, a line array's position generally relies on set angles for each speaker in the array. The angle is based on the distance the sound must travel in the space of the venue. Whether using the speaker brand's software or a sheet of paper to calculate the best position of the line array, the engineer still needs to know the angle of the frame or bumber it is being hung on to start the process. That's where we come in...

The RAD2 display box with remote sensors significantly increase the efficiency of hanging concert speakers, while decreasing the amount of time it takes to set up the sound system.

We can supply the LCD as a single-line display reading one sensor at a time [RAS] or a dual-line display to measure two sensors at the same time [RAD]. The sensors can be permantly or temporarily mounted on the speakers with cables running down to the floor. The cable connector is then plugged into the display box as needed.

In this BLOG we hope to address issues facing sound technicians and sound engineers as they prepare concert halls, clubs, stadiums, etc. for the best sound quality. We welcome your comments and questions.

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Chili said...

Interesting product. I actually saw this RAD2 demonstrated at an audio/visual production show in Germany not to long ago. What speaker systems is this compatible with?

Got Tilt? said...

Hey there Chili,

The RAD2 Remote Angle Display is compatible with any line array, from VDOSC to Vertec, this system has the flexibity and sensor options to fit your needs.

Let me know if you have any further questions, about installing or operation.

Best Regards,
Skip Gosnell

Chili said...

...well I have a JBL system and want hang each array on either side of the stage at the same time. I know the RAD2 allows me to read 2 sensors at a time, can I use the same display with other sensors?

Got Tilt? said...

Hi Chili,

Yes you can use multiple Rieker sensors with 1 display unit. For example: if you already have a RAD2 display and 2 sensors (these 2 sensors already mounted on your current line array bumpers) and you get another line array, you simply need 2 (or 4) additional remote sensors - same type as originally purchased, which are fully interchangeable. So as your business grows, expanding your RAD2 system easily grows with it.